October 2014 Enews

CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT...IDEA OF THE MONTH…CITIZENS RISING...MONEY ON MY MIND...PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH...QUOTES OF THE MONTH...FACTS YOU CAN USE CAMPUS HIGHLIGHT – VASSAR COLLEGE Vassar College's DM chapter, founded in 2003, is still going strong! Last month during Freshman Orientation, DMers successfully registered over 250 students to vote. Now they are continuing to register students, and are organizing events for Election Day to get them to the polls. The chapter has already begun its semester-long film series, screening films related to money in politics like Kochs Brothers Exposed and Pricele$$. They've invited Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig to speak on campus, and are scheduling a lecture series by their own Vassar faculty linking money in politics to issues like income inequality, the environment, funding for higher education and more. With a growing membership they have big ... Read More


The Mayday PAC is a political action committee that “aims to elect a Congress committed to fundamental reform in the way political campaigns are funded by 2016.” 1. The founders of the PAC, Lawrence Lessig and Mark McKinnon, view their efforts in the 2014 election as a pilot project to determine whether their strategy can succeed. By October 22 of this year, the PAC had spent $5.4 million in support of eleven candidates. More than half of these funds were spent on two races. The PAC spent $1.5 million backing Jim Rubins, a Republican who was defeated in New Hampshire’s primary election. It has spent almost the same amount in opposing Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican who in the general election is running against Paul Colin Clements. 2. Complete data on how the Mayday PAC supports or opposes candidates are not available. But the Center for Responsive Politics has gathered information ... Read More