November 2015 Enews

DM SUMMIT...CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS...HONEST ELECTIONS...MONEY ON MY MIND...IDEAS & QUOTE OF THE MONTH...DM ALUMNAE...FACTS YOU CAN USE... DM SUMMIT Last call to register for the Great!! Democracy Matters National Student Summit. Join us for exciting workshops on running S.M.A.R.T campus events and meetings, money in politics as a civil rights issue, holding candidates’ feet to the fire, lobbying and becoming an expert on money in politics. Meet our founder Adonal Foyle as well as DM board members and staff. And hear from inspiring Keynote speakers, Connecticut Senator Gary Holder-Winfield and Professor Jay Mandle. All that plus networking, strategizing, sharing best practices, and more. Register now! CAMPUS HIGHLIGHTS: MONEY IN POLITICS & CIVIL RIGHTS Democracy Matters students at Duke University and Guilford College in North Carolina, and at Simmons College in Massachusetts recently focused on the important ... Continue Reading

An Attack on Democracy

The political dysfunctions caused by the dominance of rich campaign donors in the American political system have provided an opportunity for opponents of political equality to attack democracy itself. A sophisticated version of this attack is Daniel A. Bell’s recent book, The China Model. 1. Bell describes a cartoon video in which Chinese politics is compared to American. In the video, democracy is a system in which Barak Obama experienced a meteoric rise “aided by hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign financing….” That democracy is unfavorably compared to Xi Jinping’s “decades-long assent to the pinnacle of Chinese power,” at each stage of which he was required to pass “rigorous and ultra-competitive evaluations” designed “to test his political leadership abilities.” (1) Depicted in this way, Bell questions why anyone would “favor a system [electoral democracy] that does not require experience (and expertise) for leadership” as the Chinese does (16). According to Bell, ... Continue Reading